Kings Kaleidoscope releases ‘Live in Color’

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

Kings Kaleidoscope has released their latest album, Live in Color, and fans are enjoying their new, mature sound that takes center stage on this record. Live in Color also shows their willingness to experience with their musical instrumentals that surround stunning vocals.

At first listen and from the opening chords of this record, it might not appear that Live in Color is a Christian rock album, but throughout the album it is clear that this band is putting their faith forward with their music.

Bands frequently have a tendency to discuss their faith within their lyrics, weaving a musical mystery, but Kings Kaleidoscope puts everything out in the open, much like their musical style.

From the strong opening guitars to the soaring vocals, the band takes the time to really build a musical sound and style within Live in Color instead of just releasing an album with a few hit singles on it.

Kings Kaleidoscope brings fans in from the first single off of Live in Color. It is bold, loud yet the instrumentals really frame the lyrics which is ultimately what takes center stage during the entire record.

Standout tracks on the album include "Fix My Eyes," "Defender" and "Seek the Kingdom."

For fans of rock, pop and Christian rock, Kings Kaleidoscope and their latest release, Live in Color, is a must-listen.



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