Queens of the Stone Age release deadly video for ‘Smooth Sailing’

By Andrew Wilson,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Queens of the Stone Age released a video for their latest single “Smooth Sailing” off of their critically acclaimed …Like Clockwork, full of Hangover-like antics, boasting the businessman party lifestyle, with deadly results.

The conceptual video, co-created by renowned director Hiro Murai, shows lead singer Josh Homme as a businessman out with four Asian businessmen partying it up, first at a dinner, then drinks, then a karaoke bar and then drugs. Lots of drugs.

Filmed from both the perspective of third person, and first person, we see the drunken stupor unfold with some hilarity as “beer muscles” take over, and they seem unstoppable. Unfortunately, one of our heroes, off on his own, has too many drugs in him and begins to hallucinate, working on his paranoia, and ends with taking a golf club to two poor individuals.

The song itself is comes at you with a heavyweight stomp and gritty distorted guitars, leaving room for Homme’s raspy vocal and falsetto to breathe throughout. “Smooth Sailing” is definitely a highlight of the album, bringing an undertone of experimental sounds to …Like Clockwork.

Queens of the Stone Age current tour brings them to both weekends of Coachella, with stops on the way in Reno, Portland and San Francisco, then continuing the rest of their current tour through the Midwest.



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