Sevyn Streeter debuts her first EP 'Call Me Crazy, But'

By Neil C. Rasbury,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Sevyn Streeter has released her debut EP Call Me Crazy, But. With beautiful melodies and creative storytelling, Streeter creates an album that discusses the aspects of a relationship. This album is suited for relaxing at home.

This 26-year-old singer-songwriter hails from Haines City, Orlando, Fla. Streeter began her love for performing in the church, and by the age of 10 she performed at the legendary Showtime at the Apollo, where she performed "My Funny Valentine."

Since then, Streeter has been connected with various groups such as the female version of B2K with TG4 and RichGirl with the popular single “He Ain’t Wit Me Now (Tho).” While these groups may not have gained mainstream success, Streeter has written for various artists such as Alicia Keys, Brandy, Kelly Rowland, and multiple tracks for Chris Brown.

With the help of Atlantic Records, Streeter creates a beautiful album that is reminiscent of the old smooth R&B of the '90s. This seven-track EP takes the listener on a journey of various stages in a relationship, from the sadness of an abusive relationship to that complicated relationship with your ex, or that lustful feeling when you're so in love with your partner. This album has a song for everyone.

The first song on the track, “Call Me Crazy,” talks about loving someone so much, regardless of whether or not you’re the main priority. The second song, “It Won’t Stop,” features the vocal talents of Chris Brown and is her first released single from the EP, which is receiving a lot of play on the radio.

The third track on the album, “nEXT,” talks about troubles with wanting to get back with your ex. This is the second released single on the album and the music video features rapper Kid Ink. The fourth song, “BANS,” deals with the aspect of being in an abusive relationship.

The fifth and sixth songs on the EP, “Sex on the Ceiling” and “Come On Over,” are the slow jams of the album. With slow grooves and light airy rifts, Streeter puts the listener in the right mood.

The seventh song on the album, “Shattered,” talks about the struggle of trying to keep a relationship when you can only see each other's faults.

Streeter has made a great name for herself, and her album has confirmed that she is a master at her craft of song writing and has amazing vocal abilities. Hopefully this year we will hear a lot more from Streeter.



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