28 North - 'World On Fire' album review

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Author Rating: 
3.5 Stars

28 North has a simple mission - bring back the grittiness that used to be felt on rock 'n' roll songs. From strong guitar solos to impressive vocals, 28 North wants to make rock 'n' roll feel real again. As a group, they have found a musical style that is timeless in the industry, when a musician can just focus on their instruments and tell a story with a truly timeless musical passion.

The band has just released their latest album, World on Fire. The entire album does have a very classic, almost soulful rock 'n' roll vibe from track to track. Band members Michael Lindner, Shawn Mazzei, Tyler Bond, and Mark Glinka aren't afraid to explore different musical styles and really embrace this classic rock 'n' roll sound.

What World on Fire shows is a strong musical range that weaves together to tell a complete story. The band isn't afraid to have loud over the top charts and slows down the tempo and records a unforgettable ballad "Call Me Up."

The album shines when the guitars help to fill out the strong vocals. It shows the incredible range that each member of the band has when it comes to their musicianship.

This band has the potential to do well on the rock radio airwaves. They have songs that have strong melodies and chorus that would fit nicely into the current rock 'n' roll scene. Without a doubt, 28 North is a band that rock fans should watch.

Stand out tracks on the album include "World on Fire," "Los Angeles" and "Pride."

This album really does take rock 'n' roll fans back to a day when rock music was simple and just focused on putting together good instruments, vocals and lyrics.



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