8-Bit Operators release 80's synth-pop music tribute

By Claudine Paul,
8-Bit Operators Release New Depeche Mode Tribute
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Welcome to the 80's! The 8-Bit Operators music series bows with a new various artists collective that pays tribute to 80's synth-pop pioneers Depeche Mode.

Enjoy The Science: Tribute To Depeche Mode, under the production of musician Jeremy Kolosine, follows similar tributes honoring iconic music groups, such as Kraftwerk, The Beatles and Devo. As with the other previous tributes, this selection features the overall theme of newly produced vintage 8-bit music makeovers showcasing the sonic architectural and technological soundscape that shaped the computerized music of bands/artists of the late 70's to 80's period.

The 15-track set feels like a "greatest hits collection" from Mode's music catalog spanning nearly four decades, featuring covers of songs like "Strange Love," "Policy Of Truth" and "Just Can't Get Enough," along with more obscure picks, such as "Clean," "Somebody" and "Boys Say Go," betraying a hardcore knowledge of the Mode's music.

Herbert Weixelbaum's cover "Enjoy The Silence," for example, is not done like their studio version but instead like their more familiarized live version played at concerts. The release title is also a reference of the name of this same song.

Cover vocals are straight forward, some with minute lyrical liberties, but never strays far from Mode originals. Some of the covers even feature femal vocals, like as Matt Nida's "Policy Of Truth" cover, with Lisa Schumann, and Helen Eugene on Inverse Phase's "Behind The Wheel." Also those, as ComputeHer's "Strange Love," which get a complete synthesized vox treatment.

8-Bit Operators upcoming Tribute To Depeche Mode: Enjoy The Science has more than enough bleep, blip and bop sounds to stir any 8-bit purist's dream. The release denotes a reverence, not only to the band, but to vintage music technology.

The album hits stores on June 10, on Receptors Music label.



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