The AJAY Project releases 'You Made Me' in honor of mothers around the world

By Elizabeth Learned,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

In a beautiful tribute to mothers throughout the world, The AJAY Project put together an album that is not only dedicated to the love of mothers in every part of the globe, but the three-track album includes the song “You Made Me” in the English, Hindi, and multilingual languages. Whether you may understand one or multiple languages, the beautiful meaning behind the song is heard through the impassioned vocals of the singers.

The song was written by composer AJ Satsangi along with singer Everett Ryan and VJ Thomas, a co-producer. When the song was first being created, it began as a message to the writer’s mother, but slowly morphed into a message that was universal for all.

While I may not have understood the Hindi language, the beauty of the singer’s vocals and the message behind the song were apparent, not only through her vocals, but through the beautiful piano music in the background.

When the multilingual version plays, different singers are heard singing in multiple languages, all with the same soothing and melodic passion that conveys the meaning of love that was put forth into the music. A beautiful message for every mother out there, this is a lovely song that will touch the hearts of the women who gave us all life.

The album is available on iTunes and even if you may not understand the languages being spoken, the beauty of the message, the song, and the passion behind the vocals of the singers is what truly makes this album come alive with love.

A video below shows the ten singers from ten countries who came together to bring life to this song, along with the message from AJ Satsangi about the song’s arrival for Mother’s Day and how proceeds from buying the song would help women in need.



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