Betty Moon releases 'Amourphous'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Betty Moon has released her latest album Amourphous. Moon has found a way to channel her unique and impressive musical sound on every track that is featured on Amourphous. This album combines elements of pop music, indie influences and an organic earthy sound.

Her music has been heard on many popular TV shows including, The Walking Dead, Dexter and Californication but now it seems that Moon is really aiming to have this album impact the mainstream music scene.

What is impressive about this album is the range that Moon shows as an artist. It is clear that she is involved in every part of the recording process for this record. Moon is a singer-songwriter who really embraces her creative side and passion when it comes to this record. It is surprising that this is the sixth album from Moon because her music has not yet hit the mainstream music industry. She also produced the album herself.

This is the type of album that could cross over to a variety of charts including the rock, pop and indie charts. Each track weaves into the next one and it feels like an overall story that is being told through the singles that are featured on Amourphous.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Time To Move On," "Universe" and "Living Underground." Moon is currently on tour promoting her latest album.

Watch the music video for the first single off of Amourphous, "Valentine." This track was mixed by Grammy Award-winner Chris Lord-Alge.



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