Big Fuss Records releases music from 'Various Artists to Watch 2014'

By Elizabeth Learned,
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3.5 Stars

Every year, Big Fuss Records gives new artists the chance to have their work displayed. This year, an eclectic mix of artists from all backgrounds are displayed on the Various Artists to Watch in 2014 album. Each artist is from different genres of music.

“Unlock Your Heart” by Stonefeather has a slow paced rhythm before moving into a bit of a faster pace. Hailing from Los Angeles, Stonefeather is clearly part of the rock genre as they display a mix of acoustics and vocals.

“When Your Eyes Shine” by Patrick Ahern begins with a slow guitar intro. Ahern brings a beautiful sound to this album and the song stays at a steady pace throughout. Ahern is a good addition to the album.

The next song is “The Choice” by Transparent, which is a hip-hop song and has a steady, slow beat throughout. With harmonies in the background and a good rhythm, this song has a clear message behind the lyrics.

Next is “You Make Me Smile” by Claudette Schlitter. Her music is gospel in nature and she has a very moving voice to go with the upbeat rhythm in the background.

“Restless Soul” by Tori Martin is a showcase for the vocal abilities of the newest country performer. It is clear she is good at her craft, through her upbeat lyrics and a catchy country beat.

“We Walk Together” by Shauni Williams is Christian-inspired and her soft, passionate vocals makes this an inspiring addition to the album.

Wesley Woo’s song “Fall Again” proves that through practicing his craft, Woo has created a sound that showcases his vocals and songwriting abilities.

“Ride On” by Vertical Valley is a folk-rock song and it has a steady beat to match the vocals of the singer.

“Give Up Tomorrow” by Steve DeMott is a slow, moving song with the simple sounds of the guitar to match the soothing vocals of this musician and songwriter.

Finally, “Down The Highway” by Condor is a catchy tune that is simple in its melody and vocals.

With an eclectic mix of songs, Big Fuss Records has made artists available for all types of listeners and they all bring an interesting sound to the music world.



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