Blacklist Royals release personal song 'Die Young With Me'

By Andrew Wilson,
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Blacklist Royals, made up of twins Nat and Rob Rufus, released the title track from their upcoming album, Die Young With Me, a personal reflection of a darker time for Rob.

Rob Rufus was only 17 when diagnosed with a rare form of Stage 4 cancer. Usually thought of as a death sentence, Rob persevered but not without enduring years in and out of hospitals, nerve damage, and even a removal of a lung. Therapy in the form of song was the key, and “Die Young With Me” was born.

With an inspired 60’s rock and roll sound, “Die Young With Me” borderlines between an early Clash song and with peers The Gaslight Anthem. The latter shouldn’t be too surprising considering they worked with the same producer Ted Hutt. Sparsely driven by a quick down-stroke guitar and simple drum beat taking a less-is-more approach, the bridge takes the listener on an ascending trip before quietly closing the song. So simple, yet so emotionally charged.

Rob told USA Today, where the studio version of the song premiered, “Music was the thing that Nat and I latched on to to help us get through (the cancer battle). We hope this song can touch somebody somewhere and help them as so many bands did for us."

Blacklist Royals' second album, Die Young With Me, is scheduled for release on June 10 via Krian Music and Universal Music Group.



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