Danielle Bradbery releases music video for 'Young in America'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Former Voice winner Danielle Bradbery is back with her next single off of her self-titled debut album and the new music video for "Young in America" has just been released online.

The video features Bradbery walking through a wheat field while performing the single. She is also showing off a new darker hairstyle compared to her signature blonde hair that had been featured on The Voice. The young country singer meets up with her friends and they embark on a road trip to a backyard gathering that includes dancing and fireworks. It feels like what an average weekend might be for the country singer as she relaxes and spends time with her close friends.

This is what fans of Bradbery want to see, a window into her life and to see her acting her age while performing. She isn't trying to do anything too over the top with this video and it ends up being a perfect visual campaign to an already well received single.

The video has a very similar vibe visually to that of the song. It is an honest, feel good and patriotic anthem for a younger generation. It is refreshing to hear such an honest tone and impressive vocal range from a young country female.

"Young in America" has a feel to that of an early Taylor Swift record. Bradbery shows off her incredible vocal range and connects with the audience with her heartfelt performance of the lyrics.

The style of the video is simple but highlights the lyrics of the song which are the centerpiece. It's a fun, classic country music song for a whole new generation of country fans.

Watch the music video for "Young in America" here:



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