Ed Sheeran releases music video for 'Sing'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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Ed Sheeran took over the music industry when he released his debut album in the U.S., +, which featured “The A Team,” “Wake Me Up” and “Lego House.” Following his extensive touring with Taylor Swift on the Red tour, Sheeran found time to record a brand new album, X. The first single off of that album is the upbeat and unique track, “Sing.”

Sheeran has released the music video for “Sing” on his Facebook page earlier today. The music video is as unique as the single itself. For fans looking to see Sheeran in the video, they might be slightly disappointed. The video features Sheeran as a puppet, which closely resembles him.

The video does features Sheeran has his actual self helping to perform the chorus but the storyline of the video focuses on a wild night out with “Muppet Sheeran” as he takes over the town, including singing karaoke, partying at a strip club, going on a limo ride with some attractive females and wearing some Beats by Dre headphones.

By the end of this video, fans might be left wondering if they would rather attend a local rave with Sheeran himself or his alter Muppet ego.

Sheeran is not going to stick a common formula when it comes to his music. He is constantly pushing the boundaries forward and keeps his sound 100 percent original. That type of creative passion and need to be original can often be felt in his music videos, especially in the video for "Sing."

The video is fun and feels like an original take on an original song. It is clear that Sheeran is going to be a large name in this music industry for a long time to come.



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