Erica Blinn's album 'Lovers in the Dust' displays a strong rock-country sound

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

Erica Blinn released her album Lovers in the Dust in January. The album is a blend of country and rock, displaying strong vocals and accompanying instruments that create an upbeat atmosphere when listening to the songs.

Blinn also plays the harmonica as well as guitar, and it is clear through her songs she is a strong performer. With her opening song and single “Whiskey Kisses,” Blinn introduces herself as a talented performer worth listening to.

“Pull The Trigger” displays Blinn’s abilities on the harmonica to go with her vocals and “How Lucky I Am” is one of her slower songs where her vocals are prominent against the melody of the background music.

On her website, a review listed noted that how her sound can be compared to singers like Lucinda Williams and Sheryl Crow. Through listening to this album, it is clear her vocals and sound are true to the comparison, as her powerful voice comes through strong.

With a back up band named The Handsome Machine, the songs on the album are a mix of rock, pop, and songs that have an intimacy to them in their lyrical content. Blinn’s website quotes her as saying, “I like to think of this album as having a little something for everybody.”

Each song flows perfectly to the next and they all have a different beat that is recognizable and easy to listen to no matter what kind of music you may enjoy. Through a rock-country beat, Blinn’s album shows off her musical talents and abilities as a vocalist.

Watch a video for “Whiskey Kisses” below.



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