Fake Shark – Real Zombie! releases 'Liar' EP

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

Fake Shark – Real Zombie! has released their new EP Liar, which features a new age, funky and modern sound that fits into the current pop music landscape that is taking over the charts.

This EP does not shy away from bold tones, loud melodies and fast paced lyrics. The sounds that had been created for this EP do feel like a mix of a variety of genres including dance punk, hip-hop and post-hardcore influences.

The sound that is currently on the charts for both pop and rock 'n' roll is featuring a variety of influences. Gone are the days when cookie cutter songs and instruments can hold the attention of music fans and Fake Shark – Real Zombie! has realized this, pushing their musical style and sound to the next level with Liar.

"Paint it Gold" opens up the album with an aggressive guitar solo and then quickly introduces the main punk/pop dance themes that can be heard throughout the album. Overall, this is an EP to wake up with and to start the day with it. It has high energy and doesn't decrease at all throughout the tracks on the album.

Other tracks on the album keep the high energy but also showcase the strong musicianship that can be heard throughout the EP.

Overall, Fake Shark – Real Zombie! is a band to watch because with their high energy and ability to create a catchy sound, they are likely to start taking over the chart and reaching new audiences all across the United States.

Listen to "Paint it Gold" here:



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