Framing Hanley 'The Sum of Who We Are' review

By Eshita Nandini,
Nashville Rock Band Comes Back Stronger Than Ever
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4.5 Stars

Soon after the release of A Promise To Burn in 2010 and the tour the accompanied it, Framing Hanley, a modern rock band from Nashville, quickly disappeared from the eye of the public.

After a hiatus of about four years the band has finally come back stronger than ever to their with third studio album titled The Sum of Who We Are through Imagen Records on April 29. As the title presents it, this album is a sure compilation of what the band wants to put out to the fans in regards of what they personally have experienced and struggled through the past few years.

The record serves as a rare, intimate connection between the band members and their fans — starting with the fact that the release of the album was made possible through full fan funding with Kickstarter. In 2012, they finally reached their goal in order to begin recording, and so the band has been hard at working recording this album for the past two years.

According to an interview with Hellhoundmusic, frontman Kenneth Nixon says "this album is a reflection of [different music inspirations]. It’s a collection of stories from the past few years of our lives and everything we have been through."

Surely enough, as this album progresses, the listener is presented with different sounds that are quite different than previous screaming and post-grunge type lyrics that the band has known for in prior releases. It is evident in this record that the band has grown up in the time that they have been gone, introducing maturity, a richer sound, and more than anything, the band has shown to be more accepting of inclusion of acoustic and lighter tones.

Even if they have definitely brought out a different image this year, the band still is reminiscent of youth and liveliness, which they have not failed to capture.

Tracks that stand out are "Criminal," "Castaway," and "Forever till the end." The album is available for purchase on Amazon .



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