'A January Bride' by Deborah Raney review

By Patricia Streeter,
Love after loss
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

When you have found true love, it is hard to think that anyone could measure up to that person. If the person is taken away from you to soon, starting new relationships can be scary. You want to move on, but you fear you may never love again. It is not fair to you or the new person. Rather than break anyone’s heart, you decided to shut yourself out from prospects in the memory of your beloved.

January Bride is about two middle aged people that find each other through a mutual friend, Ginny. Ginny is a seasoned woman, so both assume her mutual friends is elderly. Without realizing it, the two form a budding friendship through Madeline’s thoughtful notes.

Can an author that writes romance novels for a living truly learn to love again? Can an English professor move on from the death of his late wife? When the two finally meet in person, they realize there perceptions of each other were completely false. With their safety blankets ripped out from one another, they must address their intellectual and physical attraction to each other.

I’ll admit it, Deborah Raney surprised me. I did not think that the two main characters were around the same age. As I read over the initial chapters, I realized there were scattered hints throughout the chapters. If you enjoy romance novels, you’ll enjoy this novella. It is shorter and a quick read. Given the title, you know someone is going to live happily ever after, but who will it be. It’s that journey that keeps readers invested in this series.

January Bride is available now. You can get your eBook from Amazon. You can also purchase a digital copy.

If you want to connect with Deborah Raney, she has a website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Do not forget to add A January Bride to your Goodreads account.



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