Jasmine Thompson 'Another Bundle of Tantrums' Review

By Patricia Streeter,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

Some of the songs on Jasmine Thompson's album Another Bundle of Tantrums should sound familiar to you. Once you get to the second track, you will notice you have heard that song before. Basically, Another Bundle of Tantrums is a cover album of other popular songs of the past and present.

Before you count her out, she is not trying to sound like the original artist. Jasmine Thompson knows her voice and shares her emotions through it. Hey vulnerability and maturity is impressive for a girl her age. She is 13 and on her second album. Not many adults can say that. Plus, she is unsigned, which makes her an indie artist.

Creating a cover album is not easy. If you have watched singing competition reality shows, you have probably noticed singers that try to sound like the artist. That is not singing. It is mimicry. This is why some of them sound like they are singing karaoke.

Making a song your own is challenging. The lyrics are there but Thompson still had to adjust the notes to suit her vocal range. Also, some of these songs like “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Everybody Hurts” are sung by men. Some assume that this should be easy because men are generally Baritone and Bass, but a women’s general vocal type is Mezzo-soprano. These different vocal types impact Thompsons’s vocal sheet music. In addition, she must make her guitar and piano sound like the instrumental from the original song. She was able to pull it off.

Overall, I respect the work that she put into this album. She took Billboard songs and made them her own. Though the songs come from different artist, you can see the theme of her album. They are not randomly selected. There is a mixture of love, heartbreak, empathy and overcoming adversity. If you like acoustics and soft soothing vocals, you will enjoy the album.

Another Bundle of Tantrums is available on iTunes and Amazon. If you want to know more about Jasmine Thompson, you can visit her Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

By the way, you can see her singing these songs in the studio on her YouTube page.



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