John Oates releases 'Good Road To Follow'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.5 Stars

John Oates has released his latest album Good Road To Follow. For music fans that are wondering, this is the Oates of the world famous rock 'n' roll band Hall & Oates, which was the duo Daryl Hall and John Oates.

The album comes complete with three discs with hours of music at the finger tips of fans. His clear singer-songwriter style comes across on this record. He has released five albums as a solo act and this proves that in a group or as an individual, Oates is a musical legend.

Oates started his musical career back at the young age of five years old playing his guitar and experiencing live music, which led into a strong musical background and education, which comes across in a variety of ways on Good Road To Follow. This album shows true musicianship and craftsmanship from Oates. It features the vocal and instrumental talent that Hall & Oates fans have come to known from Oates.

Oates is without a doubt a musical legend and it comes as no surprise that this album has all of the classic rock 'n' roll elements and guitar rifts that fans have come to know. It is truly a sampling of music history that fans get to experience with a Good Road to Follow. The album feels like a complete musical creation instead of just singles that are featured on an album. Each song flows into the next and it feels like a complete work.

The instrumentals that have been picked out for each track really help to take the vocals and overall feeling of the album to a new level.

This album also features a variety of collaborations that take the songs to another level. Featured on this album includes, Jerry Douglas, Wendy Moten, Hot Chelle Rae and Bekka Bramlett.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "The Head That Wears the Crown (feat. Jerry Douglas & Wendy Moten)," "Pushing a Rock Uphill," and "Close."



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