Lana Del Rey releases music video for "West Coast"

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.5 Stars

Lana Del Rey has released her music video for the first single off of her upcoming album Ultraviolence, "West Coast." The song instantly did well on the charts when it was released and fans have been waiting for the video from Del Rey.

The music video has a very classic film feel, while most of the music video is in black and white and showcases Del Rey looking stunningly beautiful. She is seen on a beach with a long haired handsome companion and seen in a fast convertible with the older, handsome man. The video has a classic California feel and embraces the small details that make the video stand out and which in turn help to highlight the captivating single.

The story ends with Del Rey seen in a stunning red dress and the location being engulfed in flames. The video then goes to color and shows how the song has a classic feel yet embraces her modern talents. The black and white to full flames translates this musical feat to the screen effortlessly.

This music video captures the classic theme that was used in the melody of the song and highlights Del Rey's ability to tell a story through her haunting and powerful vocal range.

Del Rey found mainstream success when in 2012 she released her album Born to Die. Fans are highly anticipating the release of Ultraviolence. Born to Die featured the hit single, "Summertime Sadness."

Watch the music video for "West Coast" here:



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