Leslie Pintchik releases newest jazz album 'In The Nature Of Things'

By Elizabeth Learned,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Jazz composer and pianist Leslie Pintchik released her album In The Nature Of Things in March of this year and this album is filled with the sounds of music Jazz listeners have come to love. Pintchik started off her career in playing in many jazz venues in New York, and her band consists of bassist Scott Hardy and percussionist Satoshi Takeishi.

Her current album also has the sounds of Steve Wilson on the saxophone, Ron Horton on the trumpet, and Michael Sarin as the drummer; thus bringing together a harmonious rhythm to her current collection of Jazz music.

With the addition of her band, the music of jazz comes alive through Leslie’s latest piece. The music blends together very well and it is easy to get into it, even if you may not listen to Jazz very often.

The album starts with “With You In Mind” and the sounds of the piano make the entry into this collection of music soothing to listen to. While some of the songs may be long for the average listener, they are upbeat and the music creates an amazing sound. The music is just mellow enough that anyone could listen to this while enjoying an evening at home, getting ready for a dinner party, or on a long car ride.

Listeners who love Jazz may enjoy listening to this record during a nice, relaxing evening while reading a good book or sharing a drink with a friend or loved one. Some songs like “Grown Accustomed To Her Face” start off with an upbeat, slightly faster rhythm, but move into a mellow pace.

Every song on the album flows into each other seamlessly and it was fun to listen for the different instruments that were being heard during the songs. Plus, one of the songs is a Live performance, showing just how smoothly the music comes together not only in the recording studio.

A video of the band playing the song “Terse Tune” is shown below.



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