Louis Prima Jr. & The Witnesses return with stomping new music

By Claudine Paul,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Louis Prima Jr. & The Witnesses return with Blow, a new swing stomping set, for sophomore music release.

The new title follows the band's debut, Return of the Wildest!, released in 2012. The collection features 11 tracks, opening with title track "Blow," the album's namesake, which quickly sets a boisterous mood. The stirring and anthem-ic "Go Let's Go," also the release's lead single, follows the introduction to continue the vibe. The third track, "New Orleans," goes even a step further to showcase the group's bona fide flair for popular blues rock. The overall up-tempo release takes some breather moments with such tracks as "Someday," which features the guest vocals of singer Leslie Spencer, and closing number "Those Million Things." Two truly unexpected gems are found three quarters of the way into the release. The first is "That's My Home," featuring vocals of Prima Jr.'s own famed and legendary singing father Louis Prima, and the cover of the '80s Adam Ant pop hit "Goody Two Shoes."

Prima Jr. & The Witnesses' Blow is one release with enough sonic goodies to stir any listening into dancing feet. The is due out, on Warrior Records, June 10, 2014.



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