Michael Addison - 'Resisting Fate' album review

By Rachel Grant,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Singer-songwriter Michael Addison has released a new album, entitled Resisting Fate. The third album released by Addison takes a softer turn than his previous releases, Blinding Shadows and Always You. With the melodic harmonies and the slow-paced acoustic guitar, this album is a great way to wind down after a long day.

The album's opener, "We'll Be Coming Home," which also doubles as the first single off the album, is a great start to get the feel of the album. The calming guitar, paired with the soft harmonies provided by the talented Vanessa Bryan make for a great song. The subtle strings that accompany throughout the song give it even more powerful of a sound.

"I Will Rise" takes a turn from the single with its upbeat, folk undertones. One thing that is constant throughout the album is the presence of harmonies paired with Addison's melody. Whether the harmonies are provided by himself, or other people, they really add a lot to the each song, making them that much more interesting.

Songs like "Alone" and "Soulmate" serve as true ballads, and provide a more serious note to the lighthearted album.

"Let Them Be" sounds like the type of song that you would hear a pub full of people singing along to at the same time. With the upbeat guitar, the clapping and the catchy chorus, it's a true sing along.

Addison, who has performed in many well known places such as Whiskey A Go Go, The Hotel Cafe and The Viper Room, is also well known in the indie music video world. He has won over 10 music video awards, including The Aurora Gold Prize as well as five Telly awards.



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