Monkey Mat

By Jaime Martinetion ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

I put Monkey Mat to the test this past weekend on our busy "run all over the place weekend" and I must say it is the perfect addition to our crazy world!

As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, Monkey Mat is a 5'x5'soft and totally durable nylon mat safe for all ages. It is water and spill resistant (my kids are magnetic to spilling). My absolute favorite feature was the weighted corners. How annoying is it when you lay a mat down at the beach or park just to have it blow upward and away with one gust of wind or breeze?

Monkey Mat is available in four cute colors - Orange Sunrise, Grey Groove, Green Meadow and Blue Yonder - and retails for $19.99. It was created by best of friends Courtney and Christie, who were tired of searching for the perfect solution for a portable sanitary surface.

For mothers, it is perfect for the park, hotel rooms, airports, soccer fields, local festivals, picnics, etc. For busy adults on the go, it is great for camping, hiking, outdoor concerts, and wine tastings. It is completely light weight, not at all bulky and folds completely compact making it wonderful for packing in your pocket book, diaper bag, suit case, carry on - even your pocket if you are super on the go!

For more information, retailers, or to shop on line and visit the company blog please visit MonkeyMat.com. You may find them on Facebook as well.



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