Nettie Rose releases single 'To The West'

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Nettie Rose’s single “To The West” is off her debut album People I Know. Through beautiful folk music and a soft instrumental opening, Rose’s single is slow and enjoyable to listen to.

A singer from Santa Monica, California, Rose created both the music and the lyrics to the score. The song starts off with a slow instrumental introduction followed by the slightly low tone of Rose’s voice.

Her vocals and acoustics make for an enjoyable song for fans to enjoy, especially when she changes the pitch of her voice as she moves into the chorus. The music picks up during the chorus and Rose’s vocals flow with the music at the right spots, making for a soft tone and enjoyable piece of music for fans to experience and listen to.

The instruments heard through the song include a mix of guitar, mandolin, and banjo, all of which bring together this lovely folk song.

This song is a great introduction to Rose and her talents both in making music and writing songs.

Many of her songs are available on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud, as well as her other social media platforms. Through all the social media platforms available, Rose has made her music accessible to many new fans to enjoy her beautiful music.

A video of Rose’s live performance of “To The West” is below.



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