Nicki Minaj returns with new single 'Pills N' Potions'

By Kabraun Dixon,
Nicki Minaj releases first single of her upcoming third studio album The Pink Print
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Rapper Nicki Minaj recently released her new single, “Pills N’ Potions." The song serves as the first official single from the Young Money stunner’s third studio album, The Pink Print. The song is produced by Dr. Luke who produced for B.O.B, Katy Perry, Pitbull, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna and worked with Nicki Minaj on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

The song is led by a thumping drumbeat mixed with a piano number and tambourine. It still has a pop feel, but unlike some of her other pop songs like “Starships” and “Super Bass," Hip-hop is still very present on “Pills Potions." Nicki’s verses are straight forward; there are no abnormal personality changes in between. She maintains a steady flow with just enough attitude to deliver the message and make people listen to what she is saying.

The song is about Nicki feeling betrayed by people that was close to her as she spits “Even though what you was doing wasn’t tasteful/Even though you out here looking so ungrateful/I’mma keep it moving, be classy and graceful” but in the end she expresses forgiveness and take it as a lesson learned “But they swearing on the Bible that they love you/When really they’re no different from all your rivals/But I still don’t wish death on them, I just reflect on them” she raps.

There is a lot of singing on the song which would seem like a good opportunity to get a popular feature to help push the song like Rihanna, Jhene Aiko or even Pharrell. Instead, Nicki took a risk by taking on the vocals herself and it was risk worth taking. By taking on the whole song by herself, she makes the song that more personal which makes it that much better. With a tone downed sound and a look to match it, how will Nicki fare this era?



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