Nine Times Blue - 'Matter of Time' album review

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

Nine Times Blue released their album Matter of Time earlier this year and the songs on it are very moving and soft, with a musical backdrop that flows together with the vocal strengths of lead singer and songwriter Kirk Waldrop.

Based in Atlanta, the alternative rock band has been influenced by many rockers of the past and it is clear through their music they are passionate about their craft.

With band mates Greg King, Jeff Nelson, and Jason Brewer contributing with both guitar, bass, and drum respectively, as well as the vocals, the band comes together to form a moving rock album.

After debut album Falling Slowly, their newest album is steadily gaining popularity. With amazing vocals and a unified sound through the band’s performances, the songs come together to showcase a strong album anyone can enjoy.

“Falling After You” opens the album and it is a melodic song that is perfect for showing just how well the music and lyrics flow. “Reasons Why” has a stirring guitar sound and “Matter of Time” is an upbeat and enjoyable song to listen to.

Nine Times Blue has been praised for their first album Falling Slowly and they have a contender with this newest release, with their modern sound and great harmony as a band. The songs are catchy, easy to listen to, and the acoustics are just one of the band’s strength as a group as a whole.

Some favorite tracks include “Falling After You,” “Matter of Time” and “Sometimes.” The video below is a live recording of the band performing “Matter of Time.”



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