Ostrich Run to release single 'Everybody Pretends' June 3

By Elizabeth Learned,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Formed in 2013 and based in Anaheim, Ostrich Run is a band that really looks to express themselves through their music to their fans. Joel Rowland and Mark Pascale founded the band. Their new single, “Everybody Pretends” displays their sound, which is influenced by artists such as Blink-182 and Third Eye Blind.

According to the band’s website, they want to create unity through their concerts and their non-profit organization allows people to support their events. Plus, their organization’s Facebook page gives information on how people can help to spread awareness about non-profit organizations in the community.

They aim to be able to do what they can to help as well, which shows the band is very dedicated to helping their community through their music.

The song “Everybody Pretends” has an interesting sound and it displays light rock sounds that are upbeat and match up with the rhythm of the vocals. It’s a catchy beat that really shows the band’s style. Their EP Acoustified will be released in the summer with the video for “Everybody Pretends” coming June 3.

With the sounds of acoustics, drums, and violin, the song is very catchy and along with the band’s charity work, they are sure to make it in the world of music.

You can check out some more of the band on Twitter, Youtube, and SoundCloud as well in order to find out more about their music and their non-profit organization Ostrich Farm.

Check out a video of the band performing the song live.



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