'Raw Faith' - Kasey Van Norman

By Brenda Johnson,
What Happens When God Picks a Fight
Author Rating: 
5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

When I first read the title Raw Faith: when God Picks a Fight, I have to say I didn’t like it. To my mind, God doesn’t pick fights. He allows things into our lives for His reasons. After getting past the title, Kasey Van Norman has done a fine job with this, her latest book. Kasey is a full-time counselor and founder of Kasey Van Norman Ministries in Texas and an author, wife and mother.

This book is about struggle, prayer, Biblical application and life under pressure as she tries to come to terms with being diagnosed with cancer. And, who in our time doesn’t relate to struggle and pressure? Kasey takes the reader on an honest journey of her own very intimate challenge.

This book is packed with Biblical references, not just one or two sprinkled here and there. While the book is about a very heavy subject, the pages read extremely easily and turn lightly. I do believe that anyone in any stage of life or walk with God would be able to absorb this book and the valuable lessons it contains.

The message in this book isn’t new: God doesn’t change, He is always faithful. But, Kasey has shared and encouraged, especially women, with this candid book. Reading this book will definitely improve your relationship with your Creator and most likely, everyone else in your life. At first glance you may think it would be a book that would only be for self-help in a time of crisis, but it goes much further than that.

It’s not just a “you” book, it’s an “everyone” book. Happy reading!



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