Review of Daniela Kuri's single 'The Reason That I'm Here'

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Singer Daniela Kuri released her single “The Reason That I’m Here,” and the video for the single also displays Kuri’s simple and sweet vocals set with beautiful music.

Born and raised in Mexico City before moving to Texas, Kuri came from a musical background and culture that has shaped her musically. As well as singing and dancing, she also plays instruments such as the piano and percussions.

She released her first album Sway early this year and her new, original single out shows her talent as a performer. Her Latin background has been influential in her music and on her Facebook page, she describes how singing and dancing have been a part of her life since a very young age.

“The Reason That I’m Here” is a touching, beautiful song with soft background music to set the tone for the emotions and passion behind the words. In the video for the song, Kuri is seen looking through a photo album with a smile of one who is joyful at the memories each one brings.

Her voice is soft, but powerful, and it is evident that she enjoys making music and has the talent to do so. Kuri’s music is available on iTunes and as she continues to grow and develop her music, it’s clear she is an artist worth watching.



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