Seiichi Daimo 'In The Inbetween' EP review

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Seiichi Daimo has released In The Inbetween, an EP that will be finding its spot in the mainstream music industry quickly. The four-track EP really shows the musical range that Diamo both as a vocalist and as a musician.

In The Inbetween has a very raw and natural feel, which benefits the album overall. It feels organic and really shows the creative process and musical experiment that Daimo was working on with this record.

Seiichi shows his Japanese-American heritage throughout this EP, which feels like a modern yet throwback take on acoustic, indie songwriting. At times, the lyrics are original and unique, but the music has a familiar tone that may remind the listener of Mumford & Sons and other indie groups.

In The Inbetween starts off with the title track. This song has an upbeat feel and really introduces the audience to the sound that will be featured throughout the album. The songs flow into the next and really tell a story with the lyrics and melodies.

The middle tracks - "Can You Hear Me" and "Wishing Well" - show more instrumental range, but feature the style that had been established with the title track.

The album concludes with "Moon," which features the striped down approach to that listeners had gotten used to in the early songs. This is the song that is most likely to have mainstream appeal because the lyrics are honest and the song feels really new and organic.

At first, this might seem like a very out of the box take on indie rock. However, after a few listens of all four tracks featured on In The Inbetween, it is Daimo's talent that is clear and will have listeners wanting more from this up and coming musician.



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