Shauni Williams/Eleventh Hour Messengers- 'Wake To Grace' album review

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Christian singer-songwriter and pianist Shauni Williams has been making inspiring music geared toward her love of God for years and her album from 2010 is an incredible look into the spiritual journey toward finding one’s own path with their beliefs. In 2010, she came out with her album Wake To Grace.

The album also includes Grant Williams and they are credited by their former name as Eleventh Hour Messengers. While Grant’s voice is heard through most of the songs, Shauni harmonizes beautifully in accompanying the vocals.

The album is upbeat, with incredible guitar and instrumental pieces, including the piano, which Williams plays. Many of the songs on the album are lively and bring the power and emotion behind spirituality. One of the songs “Searching” talks about figuring out what one is looking for in their spiritual journey while “Oh My Strength” focuses on the praise one has for the Lord.

While many of the songs are very beautiful and hold inspiring lyrics, “Mercy Again” was a very beautiful track, with the lyrics showcasing Shauni’s voice and the emotion she puts forth in her music. The album ends with “Wake To Grace,” which is an instrumental piece featuring the piano. This song is a beautiful way to end the album, especially since you can hear what sounds like thunder and rain in the background.

The music and lyrics flow well together, creating an inspiring album that many Christian music fans may be able to feel in their heart as their own journey.

Listen to “Mercy Again” below.



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