Ann Klein releases 'Tumbleweed Symphony'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Author Rating: 
3.5 Stars

Ann Klein has released her latest album Tumbleweed Symphony and this album answers why fans have taken to her music from the start; it embodies all of the great elements that make for a true traditional singer-songwriter.

The sound that is created for Tumbleweed Symphony feels like a few influences have been combined. At times the album has a strong country feel but it transitions into more of an Americana, rock 'n' roll vibe as the album goes on.

It is this complex layering of musical instruments and genres that highlight the vocals on the album, which are the true standout.

Klein's vocals take center stage on every track on Tumbleweed Symphony, she has a power in her delivery and is able to weave her lyrics together with her soulful and unique vocal sound. It is that ability to really tell a story through the lyrics that grabs the attention of the audience.

It is clear that Klein has been trained in music and that her talent for combining a variety of musical influences is what helps to take this album from average to a stand out. Each track flows into the next one effortlessly and feels like a complete work.

From the opening track on, the sound is loud, aggressive yet refined when the vocals take the forefront. It is about layering the sounds and peaking the attention of the listening audience at the right time and that is what Tumbleweed Symphony does well. It brings in the audience with the first track and doesn't let go.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Start a Fire," Rocking Chair" and "Break Out."

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