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By Jaime Martinetion ,
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As a New Yorker, I like what I like: pizza, bagels and fresh deli cold cuts. I was thrilled to review the Best of the Best from New York Cookbook.

It is just one book in the 35-volume, over 14,000-recipe series from Quail Ridge Press. These recipes come from cookbooks across America. They truly feature outstanding recipes and bring out a real American down home cooking flair.

Each book is broken down by beverage, appetizer, soup, salad, vegetable, pasta/rice, meats, poultry, seafood, cakes, cookies/candies, pies/desserts; there is literally something for everyone and every event. These recipes are all easy to comprehend, the steps easy to prepare, and the ingredients familiar and kitchen tested. Hall of Fame books feature the "best of the best" through the whole state series.

Our family tested the Spinach Cheese Balls first. They are both delicious and super easy to make about at 30 minutes from beginning to end.

Hot Artichoke Dip will also be a regular here.

For breakfast on Father's Day I tried the Baked Apple French Toast. It was like cinnamon toast met a baked apple and everyone in my house asked for seconds.

The vegetable soup will be a weekly winter recipe perfect for making sure each member of my family is staying healthy in the cold weather.

The Green Bean Casserole took me back to Thanksgiving at grandma's as a child. My extended family and I were all telling old stories and it was truly delicious.

My picky "only the box" mac and cheese kids scooped up seconds of the Macaroni Cheese Deluxe. This yummy recipe features sour cream and fresh sharp cheddar.

The Taco Bake quickly took the place of "taco Tuesday," which I am thrilled about. No more preparing all the toppings for an hour. This recipe is simply yummy and a one pot/one bowl meal.

Finally, this past week I tested the Fresh Berry Shortcake, in preparation for upcoming Fourth Of July. This was a light cake with delicious berries and fresh cream topping. Can't wait to make it again next week and so is my family! The New York Cookbook was a huge hit with this New Yorker.

I also received the Best Of The Best Wisconsin Cookbook as I have family there. The Milwaukee Breakfast was truly unique and we could eat the Beer Bread every darn day. The Cheese Soup will be perfect for Football Sunday's along with the Chili! I can't wait to give more of this yummy compilation a try.

For more information please visit QuailRidge.com. These books can also be found at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.



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