The Black Tibetans 'The Nashville Session' album review

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
3.5 Stars

Rock band The Black Tibetans released their EP The Nashville Session, and even with just two tracks, the album shows songs that are reminiscent of classic rock, with the upbeat bass and the echoing sound of lead singer Dinst’s vocals. With guitar in hand, backed by Tammi Tibetan on bass, and Ryan KH on drums, the band’s songs showcase the sound the band has put together ever since forming in 2011.

With their third album, the band has put together a sound that exemplifies what rock really sounds like, with the electrifying rhythm of the bass and the energetic sounds of the drums to match the beat and harmony.

In creating this EP, the band worked with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys to produce the album.

The songs are catchy, with “You’re Cold” bringing memories of the upbeat sounds of old school rock, which leaves you with an urge to dance and swing to the music. “When I See You” follows with a guitar solo, and is soon followed by the sound of the drum beat against the singer’s vocals.

With an echoing beat, the band brings together a classic sound that is familiar to rock lovers young and old.

The music flows together, bringing memories of old school rock and a bit of the punk and surf that the band brings together in their music.



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