Bora Yoon releases ‘The Sunken Cathedral’

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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3.0 Stars - It's Good

Bora Yoon has released her latest album The Sunken Cathedral. Yoon is a Korean-American musician who uses many unconventional instruments to create her unique musical sound.

The Sunken Cathedral highlights Yoon's ability to take non-musical instruments and use them to create a beautiful and unique sound. The sound has a very contemporary and classical feel. The sound is haunting and does feature Yoon's vocals complimenting the assorted instruments.

Popular musicians today use EDM beats and different type of musical instruments to create their chart-topping sounds, Yoon throws out anything traditional and grabs everything from bowls to old iPods to make her beats. She has explained that she wanted to create her own place in music and not follow down anyone else's path.

Often during her live shows she plays an unconventional venue and creates a show that really emerges the audience into the act. The walls between artists and audience members seem to blur when Yoon takes her musical sound and translates to the stage.

This is not a musical selection for everyone. Yoon really pushes the boundaries of what is common in the music industry and is constant experimenting on this album with every track. If fans are looking to explore a new type of music that might seem very new or foreign to them, this is the place to start. Yoon does take the audience on a musical journey track by track on The Sunken Cathedral and her ability to completely re-think a musical sound is impressive to any music fan.

The following video explains more of Yoon's creative process and musical sound:



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