Coldplay releases music video for 'A Sky Full Of Stars'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.5 Stars

Coldplay has released a music video for their latest single, “A Sky Full Of Stars.” The video features Chris Martin on an afternoon walk in what appears to a busy city. Martin is seen in the video wearing an one-man-band get-up on his person. He is playing the guitar, has a harmonica around his neck and a drum is being played on his back.

As Martin starts off on his musical walkabout, he is singing the song and fans are taking pictures and videos on their phone. Martin is quickly joined by his Coldplay band members and they end up having a concert in the middle of the city. Hundreds of fans join in the outdoor party and sing along with Coldplay as they perform the song live.

Visually, this is the perfect companion to the upbeat track from Coldplay. It feels natural, fun and positive, must like the song itself when fans are listening. It feels like this video at first could have been shot on an iPhone, which brings the audience in even closer to the video. It feels like as a viewer you are walking right along side Martin.

The music video is a fun and unique way to capture the energy that is heard throughout their latest album, Ghost Stories. It also embodies the positive feelings that overwhelm fans when they are listening to this song.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com

Coldplay has been known for really embracing their fans and their musical style, even though it is criticized at times. However, in the end, their music and this music video proves why they are selling millions of copies of their album around the world and have millions of dedicated fans.

They keep their focus on their musical sound and creating music videos that are fun to watch time and time again. The video for "A Sky Full of Stars" is bound to be a fan favorite.

Watch the music video for “A Sky Full of Stars” here:



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