Colin Blunstone 'On the Air Tonight' album review

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Colin Blunstone is the lead singer of the UK band Zombies and he has released his 11th solo album entitled On the Air Tonight. Blunstone and his band have been together for 53 years and, with his years of success in the music business, Blunstone has put together a solo album that only lends credence to his talent in making music.

Blunstone’s album has an energetic feel, mixed with music such as the guitar and piano, which bring the songs to life with each melody.

The album begins with the upbeat “Turn Your Heart Around,” with the music moving at a fast pace and flowing with the beat of the lyrics. “On the Air Tonight,” the title track, has a great harmony, with background vocals to flow seamlessly with the beat of the music and Blunstone’s melodic and soft vocals.

Each song has a different rhythm and style, with some being slow, such as “Though You Are Far Away,” which begins with a beautiful piano piece before Blunstone begins singing.

Next is “So Much More” and with a stirring sound of the guitar as well as the piano mixed in with the vocals, the song has a rich harmony and it shows Blunstone’s talent when it comes to singing and making music. “Dancing in the Starlight” has a jazzy feel to the rhythm and it is a really good song that I enjoyed listening to.

Standout songs on the album include “Turn Your Heart Around,” “The Best Is Yet to Come,” “Though You Are Far Away,” and “For You.”



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