The Downtown Fiction release 'Losers & Kings'

By Eshita Nandini,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Signing to Fearless Records in September 2013, pop-rock band Downtown Fiction has successfully released a second studio album titled Losers & Kings.

Originating from Fairfax Virginia, the band formed only in 2008, gaining instant popularity through their first release Let’s Be Animals in 2011. In recent years, they have toured with and will tour with bands such as Tonight Alive, We the Kings, The Ready Set, The Summer Set and Hot Chelle Rae.

Their new release features the singles “Kiss my Friends” and “Some Pace On Earth." The hit-home for this band comes from their ever-strengthening fan base that is head over heels for the youthful charm of TDF. The band began by posting demos on MySpace, and it has come far, but not without continuing to sing about the ever-so loved issues of a light romance, the in-crowd, friends and the weekend.

However, this record serves as a brilliant representation of the band’s growth and maturity as well, especially with the song “Some Place On Earth” which takes on a stronger hold instrumentally and lyrically— “we've all got somewhere to be, some place on earth"; this presents the concept that every “loser and king” ultimately has a purpose in life, and that time has come to realize truth and reality—which essentially unites every human.

But this addition does not come short of the carefree, full of spirit tone of their previous singles such as “I Just Wanna Run," which has totaled over five million views on YouTube. Production of the same themes is prevalent in their new record.

The song “Kiss My Friends” shows the still-young vibe of a band that is starting to get a taste of different aspects of life. Compared to “Let’s be Animals," which set out a bit too overwhelming tone of enthusiasm and often times too involved on a single idea, this album shows improvements in their sound and more importantly, its expression. All in all, the band is starting to put out music that looks at experiences that are expected for anyone in their age group. They are growing up, confused, excited, bright and filled with nervous excitement.

Lead singer Cameron Leahy wrote on the band’s Tumblr page prior to release that these songs “encapsulate a beautifully chaotic chapter in my life and I’m glad I’ll always have the music to remember." Fans can be assured that this record is not just another slick and over-produced pop-rock album, but something they genuinely put their heart into.

Overall, this album was a pleasure to listen to, and a great way to start off summer and road trips. The light-hearted harmony will please anyone, and is a great record to sing along to and fall in love with.

The album is available on Amazon and iTunes.



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