Frank Shiner releases 'The Real Me'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Frank Shiner has released his latest album, The Real Me. Shiner, who is both an actor and singer, has had an interesting musical journey which leads up to now and this latest album.

Shiner is a performer that has the passion of the classical great musicians like, Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin. He shines because he isn't afraid to embrace that era of classical music, even though some of this lyrics and vocal delivering offers up a feeling of a different generation.

This type of music takes passion to deliver and most artists have to be trained in this style in order to really deliver the type of performance that people are used to hearing from the musical greats.

Shiner delivers a great performance on each track featured on The Real Me. The album tells a complete story and doesn't feel like individual singles. His vocal range shines and the instrumentals that surround his performance help to take this classical music to a more modern and unique place.

The album has been described as a dedication to his wife. That kind of personal passion and desire is heard on the track and it is refreshing to hear a musician so open and honest through his music, especially in classical music, which is not always as a personal.

This musical style is important to the songs that are currently on the top 40 radio airplay charts.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Almost Blue," "To Turn You On," and "Long, Long Day."



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