Gabby Young & Other Animals’ ‘One Foot In Front Of The Other’ album review

By Raquel Luster,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Gabby Young & Other Animals constructed a hearty album that is an eclectic assortment of charming lyrics and melodies to match. The easy-flowing tracks tell a number of stories that inspire and engage the audience, first time around. This group fused jazz, rock and pop music to create a crisp and memorable experience in this album.

Having strong passion for the genre of opera, Gabby Young has always dreamed of singing. With a healthy mix of dreaming and reality, she was able to write the inspiring and catchy songs known worldwide. The band, with 5 to 7 members, is composed of skilled musicians who specialize in instruments such as the violin, piano and trumpet. This group plays music that is so unique and original that it is often referred to by its own genre Circus Swing.

Entertaining isn’t a problem for this one-of-a-kind ensemble. They also strive, very successfully, to add a motivational aspect to their songs as well. Their first two albums were sensations globally and her 2014 tour, for the new album One Foot In Front Of The Other, includes stops in many different countries for her adoring fans.

One Foot In Front Of The Other has 11 tracks on this ever flowing album by Gabby Young & Other Animals. Not only are the songs well-crafted, but they convey interesting themes and life lessons. This album, ranging from upbeat rhythms with spunky lyrics to soft chords and silky vocals, was released April 29. The overall tone of these tracks is a shining light of positivity that glides one after another as a total and complete package. Their unique take on music joins familiar avenues, while leaving room for exploration of new sounds and combinations.

My favorite track from this album is “Smile.” It’s in the middle of the playlist and it’s a fantastic song. The catchy melody and her smooth voice captivate the listener in whatever moment you’re in. This is a “stuck in your head” type of song and sooner or later, you’ll be singing it in the car. And, that’s only the beginning. This light and airy track tells a great story, which is why it has definitely been on a loop for the past week.

This album contains beautifully written and recorded songs that inspire and entertain. One Foot In Front Of The Other has a special quality – the songs guide the listener through a series of narratives. The funky rhythms and confident lines grab the audience’s attention in a variety of ways. The group Gabby Young & Other Animals displays a modern sound and honest feeling to their music. They are storytellers that effortlessly bring a constant elegance to the entire album.



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