Good Knives release 'A Place Called Doubt'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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3.0 Stars - It's Good

Hard hitting rock 'n' rollers Good Knives have released their latest album A Place Called Doubt. Good Knives combine hard rock, punk and metal influences on their album and fans are impressed with this creative musical experiment that results in A Place Called Doubt.

The band which is from Los Angeles is embracing a variety of musical influences and it shows on the tracks on the album. The band was started when a group of friends came together and wanted to make music together. Due to some lineup changes and unique circumstances, Good Knives came together and started making music.

The album opens with the track "Until We Bleed" which puts their musical sound up front for fans. It is an aggressive punk rock sound that features strong vocals that embody that of groups like AFI and Blink-182.

This sound does feel very familiar and echoes that of the strong punk-pop-rock days that took over the '90s, but Good Knives do place a unique twist on the sound by adding in more instrumentals and making the sound feel more modern.

Each song feels like a single but, at times, the album doesn't feel like a complete musical work that was woven together track-by-track.

With time and more creativity, Good Knives have a strong chance of breaking out of the traditional punk rock vibe that fans are used to and really embracing. It is clear that they have strong musical talent as a group and are close to pushing the musical boundaries.

Stand out tracks on the album include "Breaking Out," "Lost in Time" and "My Heart Is Cracked."



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