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Want to get Dad excited about cleaning the house? Get him a vacuum cleaner tech geeks will love.

The Gtech AirRam is a revolutionary upright vacuum cleaner that the UK Daily Mail has called the "best vacuum cleaner ever."

The AirRam is cordless yet powerful. It's design is efficient, cutting down on the distance dirt has to travel from the entry to the head. A combination of brush bar, suction and air flow enables the AirRam to operate at incredibly high power consistently. And instead of a belt drive on one of the cleaner, the AirRam features a central drive that allows bristles to get into otherwise hard to reach corners.

The AirRam is super light at just 7.7 pounds and has a sleek ultra-low profile that lets you easily get under tables and chairs. And because its cordless there's no wasting time getting tangles loose or fighting snags.

Despite being cordless the AirRam has an incredible charge life. One a single 4-hour charge you can get 40 minutes of cord-free cleaning; more than enough time to clean house! The easy to read LED display keeps you updated on how much battery you have left.

It's also easy to empty. Because the AirRam collects dirt in the head there are no bags to deal with. Simply lift out the tray and dump the collected dirt into the trash.

And for the tech geek in the family you can connect the AirRam to your computer via USB cable to monitor how much electricity you saved, check on the battery, and see how many calories you burned while cleaning.

Get the Gtech AirRam for $349.95 at GreyTechnology.com and enjoy their 30-day risk free trial.



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