The Irrepressibles release 'Forbidden'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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3.0 Stars - It's Good

The Irrepressibles have released their latest album Forbidden and it shows that as a band they are not afraid to leave everything they have in the studio, including their clothes.

This album has a strong EDM, modern and at times odd feeling but as popularity in EDM rises, this type of music is going to become more common in the music industry.

Forbidden is the second EP to be released from the band and it shows that the band is more creative this time around and is willing to push the EDM boundaries.

After listening to the entire album, it does have a strong sexual undertone on every track. At times the album has a strong grunge influences but can switch in a moment to a more modern and exotic vibe.

The album features a few remixes along with the original tracks on the record. It feels like as a group they wanted to explore a few musical options which is why at times this album feels disjointed instead of following into one track to the next but the modern style that is clear on the album might have wanted to do this on purpose. This type of moving around and switching styles makes the audience focus on what they are hearing and really dissect the complex layers within Forbidden.

This type of music is not for everyone, it is a times harsh and very aggressive but for fans looking to explore a more creative and modern EDM tone, this will be the album to try.

Stand out tracks on Forbidden include, "That State of it All," "Edge of Now" and "New Word."



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