JC Sandford Orchestra releases 'Views From the Inside'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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3.0 Stars - It's Good

Views From the Inside is the latest album from trombonist, composer and conductor JC Sandford. This album is fully grounded in the classical music, Jazz age.

Views From The Inside really puts a fresh perspective on an genre that not many of a younger generation are familiar with. This type of music isn't featured on the top forty charts but without this groundwork, many chart topping artists would not be who they are today. Sandford really embraces this older style of musical creation and puts his full passion and energy into every note.

It is clear that Sandford has many musical talents including performing the instruments himself, arranging the music and composing the album. Sandford’s talents are in high demand as a conductor and it is clear on this album why. He has an ear and a talent for framing an entire piece of music, not just a chorus or a melody. From every note to every instrument, Sandford can hear what makes a piece of music great and modern instead of overplayed and boring.

At times Views From the Inside does take on a big band feeling but every track keeps up the energy and grabs hold of the listeners. Listening to this album, it feels like Sandford is trying to put new life into Jazz and classical music. It feels like a fresh take on a classic genre.

For fans of this genre, this is an album to enjoy and listen to on repeat, listening for the complex layering of instruments. For fans who are new to this genre it is worth giving this record a try. This type of musical groundwork helped to create the songs we hear on the radio now.

Sandford is currently teaching at the New York Jazz Academy, passing his knowledge on to a whole new generation of musicians.



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