Jennifer Hudson nails her new music video for 'Walk It Out'

By Kabraun Dixon,
She'll have you hypnotized as she goes back to the '90s with her new video
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

A throwback feel with still a very much modern style, Jennifer Hudson’s “Walk It Out” music video shows that the singer is ready to go to new heights with her upcoming album.

With a new sound, a new look and a maturely sassy attitude, Jennifer Hudson has finally found her place in R&B music. The video was produced by Director X, who is known for his stunning visuals like Ciara’s “Body Party,” Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” and Drake’s “Started from the Bottom." Just like those videos, The “Walk It Out” visual gives the song new life since it was released in April.

From the opening scene when she wakes up to the scene where she’s walking down the street and interacting with her love interest, to the '90s-inspired green screen shots, Jennifer Hudson works the camera. This shouldn’t be that surprising considering she is an Academy Award winning actress and all, but acting in a music video is still different than working the big screen. Jhud shows that she’s fantastic at both.

Jennifer’s husband, WWE Superstar David Otunga makes a quick cameo as he passes her on the sidewalk. Seeing her act out the lyrics the way she did so perfectly, most notably in the basketball court scene, shows how bad other music videos are nowadays. I guess great music videos are one of the benefits of being a Grammy and Academy Award winning singer/actor.

Image Courtesy of Moses/INFphoto.com



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