Jennifer Lopez has a gem on her hands with 'A.K.A'

By Kabraun Dixon,
Album No. 10 is her best album in over a decade
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Three years after her negatively reviewed album Love?, Jennifer Lopez has finally pulled JLO out of the closet for her new album A.K.A.. This is her most urban album, as well as her best album in over a decade. Jennifer Lopez sounds confident and persistent. Here are a few tracks that stand out the most.

“Booty”- Jennifer teased this song earlier in the year with Jimmy Fallon and revealed she knew this song was hot after she played it in the car for her six-year-old twins. Clearly her twins have an ear for music because this song is a banger. The only flaw is that Pitbull is on it. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. The problem is this collaboration between the two stopped working a long time ago.

“I Luh Ya Papi”- The song wasn’t that big of a hit, however, it’s still catchy as hell.

“Never Satisfied” – This is a standout because JLo sounds amazing on it. It is easily one of her best vocal performance of her career.

“Let It Be Me”- JLo digs a little deeper into her Latin roots for this one. She sounds beautiful here and the Spanish guitar is reminiscent of her first single. Like “Never Satisfied” this is also a contender for her best vocal performance to date.

“Actin Like That”- Slow, confident with a trap music vibe to it. How to make this song better? Iggy Azalea, of course. Iggy does a nice job with her verse and Jennifer doesn’t miss a beat after she wraps up.

Even though none of the singles fared that well on the charts, the album as a whole is a gem and JLo should be proud.



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