The Nearly Deads 'Invisible Tonight' album review

By Patricia Streeter,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

In the music world, the independent route is not easy. Artists do not have the financial backing of a major label company. Also, they usually have to sort out their budget for music videos, tours, and promotion. Though this may sound daunting, it is not impossible to gain national exposure through this method. The Nearly Deads decided to do it themselves and they are reaping the benefits. On Tuesday, the Nashville based band released Invisible Tonight.

I loved the album. The vocals and musicianship pull at your heart. The songs are fresh and original. If you like Kelly Clarkson and Paramore, you should check out The Nearly Deads.

“I Said” is the first track on the album. The song is a classic break up song. The guy on the receiving end of this doesn’t get that it’s over. No relationship is perfect. She knows that it is not working. Sometimes, a little tough love is needed to get your point across.

“Paper Doll” is about standing up for yourself. No one can make you feel less than. No one has the power to change you. It reminds me of “Crawling” by Linkin Park. This is about breaking controlling relationships. If you have changed yourself for someone, it is never too late to take a stand. At the end of the “Crawling” music video, the girl becomes a new person. In this song, she is figuratively ripping the “Paper Doll” and becoming a real woman again.

Lastly, “Our Last Adventure” is about a relationship at a crossroads. It is unclear what lies have broken their relationship, but she is willing to fight for them. If he doesn’t feel the same, she won’t hold it against him. To her, they can overcome this issue. She doesn’t know what the future holds, but she will be there to make things right. This song stood out to me, because she is not giving up or walking away from someone.

Overall, The Nearly Deads is a group to watch out for. Their music is genuine and real. They bring life and emotion back into music. You can order Invisible Tonight on Amazon and connect with Theresa Jeane (Vocals and Keys); Steven Tobi (Lead Guitar); Kevin Koelsch (Bass); Javier Garza Jr. (Rhythm Guitar); and Josh Perrone (Drums) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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