The Nearly Deads release 'Invisible Tonight'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

The Nearly Deads have released their latest album, Invisible Tonight. The band is based in Nashville and consists of singer Theresa Jeane, along with Steve Tobi, Cory Walen, Kevin Koelsch and Brandon Barnes on instruments.

Nashville is a town where music from all genres come together, so it makes sense that a more pop driven lead singer would team up with rock 'n' roll musicians to help create this unique and out of the box album.

The album is impressive from the opening track, "I Said." At first the album feels like another pop, punk garage band releasing their own EP but then the vocals kick in and "I Said" goes to a new level. The song feels fresh, modern and the vocal delivery really helps to bring out the instrumentals that help to frame the song.

At first listen audiences might have take a step back and really think about what they are hearing. At times this is a hard hitting rock 'n' roll album but the pop vocals that Jeane brings front and center makes audiences wonder if this a combination of pop meeting rock 'n' roll.

Jeane's vocals sound very similar to that of Paramore but as a group The Nearly Deads bring their own unique spin the record because they aren't afraid to really go in a more punk/rock direction. Even though Jeane's vocals are rooted in pop music, it is clear that they are a hard hitting rock band.

Wit this type of creativity and musical energy, The Nearly Deads are right on the edge of making it big in the music industry. They will be a band to watch in the upcoming months.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Our Last Adventure," "Brave" and "Point of No Return."



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