The New Mastersounds release 'Therapy'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

The New Mastersounds have released their latest album Therapy. The New Mastersounds have learned an important lesson over the past 15 years that they have been in the industry and that lesson is once you have engaged the dance floor never lose them. The band has released eight albums before Therapy and their musical styling and creativity has advanced with this newest release.

That is what The New Mastersounds do with their latest album, they embrace everyone with their out of the box sound and not only keep people on the dance floor but are finding new fans all over the United States.

The band fully embraces their unique instrumental sound that mixes with strong EDM vibes. The energy on the entire album is high and keeps the audience involved from the first track, "Old Man Noises."

Each song transitions into the next and feels like an entire musical vision as opposed to just individual dance tracks. The album also embraces the highs and the lows that are experienced when listening to EDM music, it draws the audience in and holds on until the last track.

Fans will have to listen to the album through a few times to hear all of the levels that have been carefully placed into each track. At first listen, fans will hear the intense bass line, but the sound is created by putting many different instruments into the mix to help create a more full and interesting sound compared to those who just use laptops to create their musical sound.

Stand out tracks on the album include "When It Rains," "Whistle Song" and "Detox."



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