Ray Goren's EP 'LA Sessions' due to be released this month

By Elizabeth Learned,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Ray Goren’s EP LA Sessions is set for release later this month and the album puts together the rock genre Goren was influenced by as he began making music. The California-based singer has also infused the sounds of R&B, Blues, and Pop into his sound and he put together an album that has some stirring acoustics to go with the vocals on the tracks.

Goren has written his own songs and through his EP, his talent is apparent in the lyrical content. The music is catchy and the songs are put together in a way that reflects the feel of the content in this album.

The songs are upbeat and you can hear the blend of different musical genres reflected in both the style of Goren’s singing and the acoustics that are heard on each track.

The album opens with “You Gotta Learn,” which is an upbeat song where the acoustics take over, especially with a solo in the climax of the song. The second song “Memories” is a bit slower, but still upbeat with the music set against the tone of Goren’s lyrics.

“All She Needs Is Me” is one of the songs where Goren’s voice is showcased, with the instruments working together to create an interesting sound for this track. The song has a good guitar solo before moving back into Goren’s smooth vocals.

“Stop Waiting” is another song that is really good and you can hear the harmony in the background to go with the music and vocals.

Through his music, Goren has put together an album that is catchy, upbeat, and showcases his songwriting along with the stirring sounds of the acoustics, making this an EP that rock fans could enjoy.



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