Review of Disclosure's 'Latch' feat. Sam Smith

By Albert Lunn,
pixelated waterfalls and bass-y synths
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Disclosure is a pair of brothers, Howard and Guy Lawrence, who grew up in England. They have been putting out music since 2010, but didn’t see much fame until 2012 with the release of their first big hit, “Latch.” It reached No. 11 on the UK singles chart and is currently ranked by iTunes as the 14th most popular song. It features Sam Smith, whose song “Stay With Me” is currently at number four on the same list.

The song starts with its characteristic bloom bat beat, made by a synth and a snare, and is accompanied by an edited female vocalist saying “Never.” This simple beat allows Smith’s vocals be the focus. A space synth, reminiscent of a pixelated waterfall, takes over the beat as a lull comes over the song.

Soon though, the bloom bat beat is added back in and the song begins building to its drop. Once it drops, the tempo picks up and the pixelated waterfall becomes a bassier synth that has a bounce to it.

I love the video as throughout it, Disclosure’s signature drawn-on-face-over-the-face randomly flashes onto faces. the duo did a great job of incorporating Smith’s vocals into the song and making it one fluid sound.

Disclosure is currently on an international tour hitting over 40 cities and festivals.



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